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Definition of Terms
Nutrition & Dietetics: The profession that is focused on the relationship between people, food, rehabilitation during illness and/or maintenance of health and wellness.

Nutrition: The science of food and the factors that impact on how the body uses food to attain or maintain health. Nutrition is concerned with nutrients in food and their use in body chemistry.

Dietetics: The study of nutrition and diet as it relates to health and disease of individuals. The study integrates and applies scientific knowledge of foods, human nutrition, biochemistry, physiology, the behavioral and social sciences, current business and foodservice systems management to attain, maintain and/or promote the health of individuals, groups and the community.

Public Health Nutrition: The application of nutrition principles and implementation of initiatives that contribute to improving environmental determinants of dietary intake. Such initiatives are aimed at preventing nutrition-related diseases, and promoting optimal nutritional health of targeted groups or the population. Multidisciplinary and intersectoral collaboration is critical for public health nutrition practice.

Protected Titles:
(i) Registered Dietitian (RD)

A health care professional who assesses individuals’ nutritional needs and provides appropriate nutrition therapy to co-manage the medical treatment of hospitalized persons and those in the community who are living with any nutrition-related condition or disease.

Registered Dietitians also manage institutional foodservice operations to facilitate the attainment of optimal nutritional status of hospitalized patients, residents or other clients. Dietitians are also involved in research and health promotion of individuals and groups in the community.

During the first three (3) years of employment in either the public and/or private sector, a new practitioner/recent graduate may sometimes be referred to as an ‘entry-level’ Registered Dietitian.

A Registered Dietitian may practice as Generalist, Specialist or Consultant/Consulting Dietitian
  • Generalist Dietitian: A practitioner whose responsibilities span several areas of practice including but not limited to, more than one of the following: clinical dietetics, foodservice systems management, human resource management, education, community dietetics, health promotion and disease prevention and research.
  • Specialist Dietitian: A practitioner with post graduate qualifications in any of the specialty areas such as renal dietetics, diabetes education, pediatrics, enteral and parenteral nutrition support, foodservice management and such like.
  • Consultant Dietitian: A practitioner who is capable of providing relevant nutrition related services and/or recommendations after a professional and thorough assessment is conducted, thereby enabling improvements to an existing situation or environment.
Such an individual should have significant expertise with at least five (5) years working experience in various aspects of dietetics and nutrition practice such as, but not limited to food service management, clinical dietetics, community or public health nutrition, management and programme planning. Additionally, the individual should possess significant expertise in the area for which the consultancy is requested.
(ii) Nutritionist (Public Health)
A specialist nutrition healthcare professional whose practice focuses on assessing, designing and/or coordinating community or population interventions, monitoring and evaluating outcomes in relation to needs, identifying best practices; developing and/or coordinating implementation of food and nutrition policies as well as initiating or participating in research.

Registration Requirements for Registered Dietitian
Minimum Education Requirements:
  • Bachelor of Science Degree, Nutrition and Dietetics coordinated or integrated with an approved dietetic internship comprising of supervised practice in (a) clinical dietetics (b) community dietetics and (c) food service systems management OR
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Ecology with a concentration in Human Nutrition & Dietetics followed by approved dietetic internship comprising of supervised practice in (a) clinical dietetics (b) community dietetics and (c) food service systems management.
Registration Requirement for Registered Public Health Nutritionist Minimum Education Requirements:
  • Masters of Science Degree in Public Health Nutrition, Nutrition or Community Nutrition including courses in Public Health or Public Health Nutrition
  • Bachelor of Science Degree, Nutrition and Dietetics OR Human Ecology with a specialization in Nutrition and Dietetics Post Baccalaureate OR Integrated Dietetic Internship highly desirable
List of Board Members 2015-2018:
1. Alecia Surujlal- Chairperson
2. Kamini Gosine- Treasurer/Assistant Secretary
3. Melissa Mark-Secretary
4. June Holdip-Immediate Past Chair
5. Kimberly Suraj
6. Nicole Dedier
7. Taryn Phillip
8. Jochelle Mohammed
9. Candice Brizan O’Neil
10. Joanne Cruickshank

Professional Bodies/Association
  1. Trinidad & Tobago Association of Nutritionist & Dietitians- TTANDi
    Mailing Address: UWI Mail Room, St Augustine Campus
    Email Address:
    Contact Number:

  2. Caribbean Association of Nutritionists & Dietitian- CANDi
    Shandera Smith-President (Bahamas)
    Dianne Charles-Country Representative Contact No: 351-1135
    Mailing Address: P.O Box 902 Wrightson Road, Port-of-Spain

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